AIM4EU Network Forum – 6th Academia-Industry-Meeting and Round Table Workshop 6.6.2017

Continuing in the effort for collaboration amongst industry and research institutions on all aspects for EU directly funded cooperative projects in the Vaasa region. The topic for the 6th forum is to showcase the changed and updated opportunities in proposals on energy and other topics within Horizon2020, both for industries and universities in the upcoming final Work Programme part in H2020 for 2018-20: Take part in the series of networking events to be held throughout 2017 and find out about collaborative international research ideas on energy and other topics (subsequent dates are: Aug 30, Sept 28).

AIM4EU Network Forum – 6th Academia-Industry-Meeting and Round Table Workshop June 6th

Where: Bock’s Corner Ladan (Barn) Gerbyntie 18, 65230 Vaasa

When: June 6th, 14:00-16:00

Followed by a social get together and knowledge exchange

Programme outline

14.00 Registration & Refreshments  14.30 Introduction to the current theme: draft Energy Calls upcoming in the Work Programme 2018/19/20  14.40 Discussion on relevant topics, i.e.

  • Industrial Leadership LEIT – Advanced Material, Manufacturing and Processing (energy-efficient buildings; Circular Economy, etc.)
  • Society at large – Secure, clean and efficient energy (low-carbon; smart cities; energy efficiency)
  • Society at large – Smart, green and integrated transport (cleanest engine; green vehicles; mobility for growth – maritime and road)
  • SME-Instrument 09-11 & Innovation support 15.30 Wrap-up discussion and ways forward on how to partake in proposals

16.00 Social networking & After work beer

Get the latest updates on opportunities for European research cooperation between industry and universities and meet fellow colleagues for cross-sectorial initiatives.

Send email to to register your participation as well as to bring forward specific topics you would like to discuss in this forum.