Systemic design of a carbon neutral reference environment for Vaasa region

Ecosystem agreements are part of the Finnish government’s efforts to create the most efficient experimental and innovation environment in the world by 2030. These agreements strengthen the construction of attractive centres of expertise and innovation environments, as well as strengthen the connection of Finnish actors with international R&D networks and value chains.

The strategic focus of the Vaasa ecosystem agreement, which strengthens Vaasa’s innovation activities, is Sustainable and Intelligent Energy Systems. The technological areas focus on developments based on the following: Smart Grids, Marine Solutions, Sustainable Energy Production, Energy Efficiency and Energy Storage.

The aim of this project is to coordinate the measures for the development of the Vaasa innovation ecosystem, to get involved in and prepare projects that are important for the development of the innovation ecosystem, and to network both nationally and especially internationally. The main goal of the city of Vaasa is to leverage the innovation ecosystem agreement especially for co-development, networking and the creation of broader ecosystem-strengthening entities. aim is to create large, impressive projects in cooperation with the private and public sectors. The aim thus is to create joint development platforms for actors, projects, and groups of companies, rapid experimentation and pilots, and to develop research infrastructure and know-how to meet the research needs of world-class energy ecosystem companies. Measures and projects are prepared and selected in cooperation with various parties, such as universities and the business community.

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