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Technology Centre Merinova – cooperation provides energy

Merinova is an important and neutral background actor, whose mission is to make the energy cluster in the Vaasa region even more successful.

We are at the centre of the energy cluster in the Vaasa region. Our cutting-edge expertise is in energy technology, and we are experts in developing businesses and their operating conditions. We are involved in various projects, programs and services both regionally, nationally and globally.

In our projects, we gather together companies, universities, and organisations. From these cooperation’s, often something completely new and revolutionary is born – new business within the energy sector, and technological innovations on a global level.

Additionally, we provide a diverse service of business development for companies in the energy industry. We also offer technology centre services alongside the company Vaasa Parks, who is Merinova’s partner.

Merinova was founded in 1989 and over the years, the company’s ownership and board has had a very industrial and business-led approach. This is seen in Merinova services that meet the needs of the companies within the region.

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