Innovation with energy

We are the leading actor in the EnergyVaasa cluster.
We provide growth and success for energy technology companies in the Vaasa region through our project expertise and development services.

Merinova started EnergyVaasa’s operations in 2001. EnergyVaasa gathers companies and organisations within the energy technology sector in the Vaasa region. Together we are the leading energy cluster in the Nordic region, which is part of building a cleaner world. Read more

Initiatives and projects

We gather the best experts from various agencies and industries around the same table. We lead cooperation projects, which often produce something new and revolutionary. That can be new business in the energy sector, or technological innovations on a global level. Learn more

Development Services

We improve businesses processes and improve productivity. We sort out the bottlenecks and other problems that may exist in the processes, and develop relevant solutions for them. By cooperating with your company, we can also build systems for environmental and quality standards. Learn more

Energy Week 2023

The most significant international networking and sales event for the energy sector in the Nordic countries, EnergyWeek, will be organized between March 20–24, 2023. The event has four themes: energy and environment, wind and renewable energy, gas, and energy storage. The topics of the energy storage day are, among others, battery technologies and establishments, hydrogen, […]


Business segments

The Team

Merinova has 13 experts, who offer you their experience, international expertise and an extensive network Learn more