The Team

Merinova has 13 experts, who offer you their experience, international expertise and an extensive network

Merinova’s team consists of 12 professionals. Our style of working is to roll up our sleeves and get working, whether we start a project or offer our services to a company.

Our team can offer you additional resources, extensive experience, and international expertise. We have large networks and specialised expertise in public funding.

In our business development services, we dive deep into business processes, find the areas that need to be developed and arrange them – all in collaboration with the companies themselves.

On the project side, we are independent experts and project managers. We are familiar with the networks and know-how of how to create the best possible results through cross-border cooperation.

Our team in a nutshell:

  • We are fluent in 12 languages
  • We have studied and lived in over 20 countries
  • We have over 300 years of experience
  • We have completed over 25 university degrees
  • We represent four nationalities
  • Our hobbies in our spare time consist of: languages and culture, cooking, sea rescue, history, art, sports, literature and fast cars


Mika Konu

Managing Director
+358 400 730 747

CEO Mika Konu is an experienced expert in business development and financial management. He has an extensive network in both business and academia. Konu is also familiar with product development and quality projects and is responsible for product preparations.

Hobbies: summer cottage, badminton, fishing, financial management, Finnish residential housing companies

Johan Wasberg

Development Director
+358 40 742 3207

Development Director Johan Wasberg has extensive international work experience in project management. He is primarily responsible for international projects and prepares projects related to renewable energy, both at national and EU level.

Hobbies: sports, languages, military history, wine cellars, old tools, forest and wood cutting

Anna-Kaisa Valkama

Program Director
+358 40 777 2785

Anna-Kaisa Valkama leads development projects and is responsible for the preparation of the comprehensive energy projects. She has an extensive network, both internationally and nationally, and is particularly versed in electrical engineering.

Hobbies: project management in the home, family, dog, and forest excursions


Jouko Putkonen

Project Manager
+358 40 673 6873

Project Manager Jouko Putkonen is a wind energy professional who has a broad international network and a long working experience within industry and energy. Putkonen has worked in Asia. At Merinova he leads various types of energy projects.

Hobbies: exercise, golf, dogs, motorcycles, music, genealogy

Kaj Sandberg

Project Manager, Service Products
+358 40 830 7390

Project manager Kaj Sandberg is an expert in process development, and is responsible for projects in quality, work safety, environment and service. Sandberg has extensive experience in developing ISO processes and of applying for CE labelling, as well as NQA competency.

Hobbies: Chilean red wines, the dog, reading, drawing with charcoal, making-up stories and drawing pictures to go with them

Tommi Sykkö

Service Manager
+358 400 358610

Service Manager Tommi Sykkö has excellent business expertise and an equally as excellent network. He is also familiar with public sources of financing for small and medium-sized enterprises. Sykkö is responsible for the development of the innovation cluster.

Hobbies: stocks, exercise, quality wines, summer cottage, decoration and design

Ritva Vainio

Project Manager, Service Products
+358 40 833 4330

Project manager Ritva Vainio has a background in the production of small and medium-sized enterprises. She is responsible for developing processes in quality, environment, occupational safety, and healthcare. Vainio also has knowledge of CE labelling, ATEX documents and production in potentially sensitive areas.

Hobbies: winter ice swimming, knitting, theatre and concerts, travelling to Lapland, following the situation in Karelia

Triinu Varblane

International Business Developer
+358 44 332 3134

Triinu Varblane is an expert in international business and is responsible for international projects. Varblane has extensive experience in internationalisation and is one of responsible persons for the Cleantech Kvarken project. Varblane’s core expertise includes sales, HR and contracts.

Hobbies: eco and home-grown food, charity, languages and travel, fast cars, photography

Bruno Woeran

EU Affairs Manager
+358 50 382 1182

Bruno Woeran has extensive international work experience and a large network in EU countries, which comes in handy as he prepares various EU projects. Woeran is responsible primarily for EU research projects and is well versed in technology transfer and open innovation activities.

Hobbies: skiing, cooking, travel, languages