The battery industry has enormous potential to become Finland’s new success story

The Vaasa battery factory project has brought together a large nationwide network of cooperation partners!
The extensive battery factory project launched by Vaasa just over a year ago has brought together a strong network. Alongside the largest energy technology cluster in the Nordic countries – EnergyVaasa – the Kokkola region also plays a key role with high-quality raw material refining and battery chemistry-related research.

In addition, the network includes five companies that can supply essential raw materials for the battery industry in a sustainable and ethical way globally. Companies operating in Finland can cover a significant part of the battery industry value chain: mineral reserves, the production of cathode and anode materials for battery chemicals, and eventually the production and recycling of battery cells and batteries.

The cooperation network is working specifically to obtain international investment in the battery cluster in Finland. In this work, covering the entire value chain in the field is an essential issue and an interesting valuable proposition for large international operators.

– During the year, several new battery factory projects have been launched in the world. We are having discussions with American, Asian and European battery manufacturers. Demand for batteries will continue to grow, especially around applications like local energy storage solutions and traffic. Finland now has a unique opportunity to be involved in the growth and active development of this new field of industry, says Mayor of Vaasa, Tomas Häyry.