Green Industry Park won the Oscar of energy technology – Energy and Innovation Awards 2023

Green Industry Park in Turku, Finland, won the “Energy and Innovation Awards” at EnergyWeek 2023. The jury consisted of an expert team from Technology Centre Merinova and the Vaasa region development company VASEK.

Green Industry Park from Turku does not only create carbon sinks, but also improves the ecological status of vulnerable archipelagos. Once method is created and demonstrated, it is scalable globally. Green Industry Park wants to use the innovative technology and creativeness to boost technological know-how and scale it up to global business by using weed as the biomass for carbon sink of our own.

The company has built technology over the decades to be the world leader in Forest Industry know-how, an is in the position to create the technology to harvest common reed (Aalto University Mechatronic project on-going), make biogas out of it, use the solid reject of the bio gas production as the raw material for pyrolysis technology based bio char production, and use the flue gas of the pyrolysis process for methane production (QPower microbe based technology). The bio char itself can be used for improving the soil conditions for our agricultural activities thus guaranteeing the carbon will be stored for thousands of years.

Similarly, the audience’s choice “The People’s Choice” went to a Helsinki-based company called CLoEE, which collects data and analytics on all types of industrial equipment, as well as reports on OEE improvements, energy savings and reducing CO2 emissions.


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