GigaVaasa’s planned investments in the battery factory area will impact the entire country

The impact model assessed the direct and indirect effects of the battery cluster investments planned for the GigaVaasa area in Vaasa and Mustasaari on employment, output, added value, and tax revenues, as well as the regional distribution of the effects in the Vaasa region and the whole country.

According to the results of the model, depending on the scenario used, the impacts of the production phase would be as follows

  • 3 or 2.7 billion of added value, of which 0.8 or 1.7 billion would be allocated to the Vaasa region
  • 5 200 or 10 400 new jobs, of which 2 400 or 4 900 in the Vaasa region
  • 7 or 7.8 billion euros in generated output, of which 2.6 or 5.4 billion euros in the Vaasa region
  • 111 or 224 million euros of wages would be passed on for consumption

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