Smart Grid Pilot Project in Vaasa

The goal of the globally unique Sundom Smart Grid pilot Project was to make electricity delivery more reliable and to establish the preconditions for solar and wind power use in the region’s households.

ABB has tested the Sundom automated fault management technology with four intelligent substations, which report directly the network fault situations to Vaasan Sähköverkko`s control room, where transformer substations can also be remote-controlled. The University of Vaasa explore underground cabling network automation and optimal combination of power grid security and the economic point of view of investment in the pilot.

As part of the actors in the Vaasa region’s energy smart grid pilot project in the Sundom village was solar panels, which installed on the local school`s roof. City of Vaasa will use solar panels to increase children’s awareness of energy. Kindergarten and school children can keep track of how much energy the panels produce at any given time and, second, how the electricity consumption can be affected by their own choices. Data obtained from photovoltaic panels and building automation has been edited by Anvia illustrates an example of the form.

The project is written in reports held in Helsinki in the summer of CIRED meeting and made a number of theses. The project was presented to the media on the press conference. The project received international attention through various articles, among others. The project has spawned a follow-up projects (such as the EU. The ERA-NET Plus Smart Grid) and produced by internationally relevant tools. It has also produced a permanent infrastructure in the area, as well as the implementation of the City of Vaasa Energy Strategy. Other municipalities have initially expressed interest in the exploitation of the project to develop the infrastructure.



INKA Tekes and the participating organizations

Vaasa Sundom village

Merinova, ABB, Vasa Electric Group, Anvia och Vasa universitet

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Project manager Esko Ala-Myllymäki  (Oy Merinova Ab),;