Dataeconomy and Cyber Security

The goal of the data economy and cyber security project is to promote and encourage industrial SMEs in the energy sector and their subcontractors in Ostrobothnia to utilize the data economy. This means the collection of data, the implementation of data platforms, the visualization of data and the creation of services and products based on data, how to use data to lead the company
to better results functionally, strategically as well as on the sales and marketing side, to create a basis for a green transition and to enhance the company’s operations and competitiveness, how artificial intelligence and machine learning can be used in the company’s operations, e.g. to enhance digital sales and marketing.

The project also promotes Cyber security know-how, information about its requirements and standards in data management, how to protect yourself from attacks and act in the event of various harms or attacks. Ostrobothnia’s industrial SMEs in the energy sector have clear shortcomings in the aforementioned matters, but also needs.

By increasing understanding and know-how about data economy and cyber security issues, companies could create new operating models, products and services that enable them to grow and improve their competitiveness.In addition, the goal of the project is to encourage companies to start their own RDI-projects and to network, especially in the areas of data economy and knowledge-based management and cyber security, and to create new networks between companies, universities and organizations related to the data economy and cyber security.


Funders for the project are European Union, VASEK and Technology Centre Merinova.
The project is co-operating with VASEK.







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