EnergyVaasa cluster continues to grow

During the summer of 2019, the EnergyVaasa operators surveyed the statistical data of the most significant energy cluster in the Nordic countries and compiled updated key figures for the cluster. The figures show that the current high demand for energy efficient and cleantech products has had a positive impact even on EnergyVaasa.

These are the updated key figures that EnergyVaasa stands for:

– 160 companies
– Combined yearly turnover of the companies is 5 billion euros
– Exports cover more than 80% of total turnover
– 12,000 employees in total
– 200 million euro spent on R&D
– Planned investments on energy technology infrastructure worth 1.2 billion euros in the EnergyVaasa region by the end of year 2025

“Quite a lot of new figures, one might say! I need to memorize them, myself, in order to learn them by heart, EnergyVaasa’s Communication & Brand Manager Kristoffer Jansson grins and continues: “All figures show a growing trend. The companies’ combined turnover, the number of EnergyVaasa companies and the number of their employees have all increased some 10 percent compared to a few years back”.

Jansson mentions VEO as one example: in a couple of years, the company has grown from a 300-employee business to employing 450, with a turnover of more than 100 million euros. In addition, VEO employs dozens of subcontractors operating in the field in their project deliveries. Geyser Batteries, Woima Corporation, Jukolux, Solartech Wasa and many others have become part of EnergyVaasa. They and all the other EnergyVaasa companies have in common the fact that more than half of their turnover comes from energy technology. Many of the companies are born global, and immediately hit the international markets.

VEO’s Marketing and Sales Manager Visa Yliluoma is naturally happy with VEO’s growth but he also gives kudos to EnergyVaasa and the collaboration within the cluster: “Companies in the cluster compete with each other, which fuels growth. Nevertheless, we also cooperate in many ways. Small and big companies need each other. Energy business accelerator EnergySpin has operated a couple of years now and created new, interesting companies in the cluster”, Yliluoma states. VEO is one of the partner organizations of EnergySpin >

” Technology products manufactured in the EnergyVaasa cluster are special in the way that they are part of people’s everyday lives without necessarily being visible to their eyes. The smallest items are often just the size of a backpack. And these products can be found in energy grids in every country of the World”, Jansson tells.

The updated EnergyVaasa figures have been collected in cooperation with the companies in the region. For example, companies have given information on their new partners. All these companies have been asked their key figures.

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