High voltage substation for GigaVaasa area

As a major electricity distributor in Finland, EPV Alueverkko is also involved in a project to build a large battery technology hub in Laajametsä, Vaasa. The planned construction of this major consumer hub in the area has triggered measures at EPV to ensure that we provide the required services in line with the electricity connections. When completed, this future industrial cluster will be very large, not only compared to others in Finland, but in all the Nordic countries.

The information acquired for the design basis indicates that the area will need a large volume of electricity, and the criterion for the hub is a strong (N-1) fault tolerance, which means that the system must be able to withstand normal isolated faults and potential disconnection of an errant component in the network without interruption to production or consumption and without secondary failures.

EPV has started to develop a phased approach to the project. First, a 110 kV double-circuit line and the Laajametsä substation will be built in the area, so that the first operators moving there will be able to connect to the network and will have access to all the electricity they need. In the second and third phases, electricity distribution will be extended as the area expands. Land and routes have already been reserved for the future transmission of electricity to the whole area.

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