EU Affairs Manager: EU funding opportunities

EU funding opportunities: Funding for research and innovation projects, Tauno Kekäle, project manager, Technology Centre Merinova.

On 16th of May 2023 at 9.00-12.00
Location: Vaasa University Fabriikki F119


  • Welcome
  • Introduction to Merinova EU Affairs Manager service: what help we provide and what you should be prepared with.
  • Research questions and consortia: how to prepare these.
  • The R&D Pillars & Clusters of Horizon Europe: what research is funded: what kinds of calls are upcoming in the Fall of 2023
  • Q & A: what research funding would you want us to find for you?


Please register here no later than 14.5.2023


The aim of the EU Affairs Manager operations is to activate direct EU funding searches in the Vaasa region.
It is carried out in co- operation with: